P&B Labs is the innovation arm of Papa & Barkley and is dedicated to cannabis research and product development with invested partnerships in Israel, Boston, and Humboldt County, California.

At P&B Labs, we strive to be the modern day Da Vinci in this cannabis renaissance – blurring the line between creativity and science to craft cannabis products that are as innovative as they are effective.

We believe input product is king, which is why we partner with second- and third-generation farmers in the Emerald Triangle of Northern California to source only the highest-quality, sun-grown flowers for our products. Every product we create is carefully formulated with our deliberate Right Ratio™ of cannabinoids and terpenes, derived through extensive product testing and experimentation. This, in concert with applying the latest cannabis research from our partners in Israel and Boston, enables P&B Labs to develop cannabis products that are truly unsurpassed in quality and effect.

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