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P&B Labs was founded with the sole purpose of innovation, and our expert team of researchers, growers and product designers are constantly in pursuit of the next great thing in cannabis. How do we do it? With your help. We are building a community of early adopters, advocates and cannasseurs to help guide, inform and refine new cannabis products in order to deliver an optimal consumer experience. We call these individuals, Cannalysts.

Cannalysts receive exclusive, early access to test and provide feedback on a variety of beta products from P&B Labs before they officially go to market, starting with electronic vaporization oils and devices. Are you interested in shaping the future of cannabis?

Beta Products Available for Cannalysts

P&B Labs Cannalyst Beta Vaporizer Product

Electronic Vaporizer Oil

Freshly Pressed Cannabis Oil.

P&B Labs electronic vaporization oil is unlike anything else in the cannabis space. For starters, the unique formula oil is solventless. To ready the freshly pressed oil for vaporization, we use 100% pharmaceutical grade C-6 and C-8 triglycerides as our premium carrier to ensure the highest purity and bioavailability. Finally, our oil is always Whole-Plant extracted—we never re-terp or use processes that destroy the terpene composition of the original flower, and that’s our promise to you. Because we’re also committed to delivering the freshest and most naturally terpene-rich experience, we are constantly working with our network of farmers to source Northern California’s finest cannabis.

Electronic Vaporizer Oils come in 2ml bottles and retail for $60-70 at partner dispensaries in California. We currently have the following strains available: Girl Scout Cookies, Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, Cannatonic, and ACDC.

Joyetech AIO Electronic Vaporizer with Oil

The Refined Experience.

Prepare yourself for an entirely new experience in vaping. Our AIO Electronic Vaporizer has ‘true coil technology,’ which is made from organic cotton and high grade surgical steel so you are not ingesting microfibers or any free radicals. The pen perfectly heats the vape oil to not singe your hit and to create perfect plume of vapor every time. Enjoy the refined experience of the AIO Electronic Vaporizer.

The AIO Electronic Vaporizer includes a 2ml bottle of our oil and retails for $120 at partner dispensaries in California. We currently have the following strains available: Girl Scout Cookies, Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, Cannatonic, and ACDC.

P&B Labs Cannalyst Beta Vaporizer Product
P&B Labs Cannalyst Beta Vaporizer Product

Disposable Vaporization Pen

Discreet and disposable.

Packing light? P&B Labs introduces an easy to use—and discreet—disposable vape pen. The pen was engineered by vaporization experts, so you can trust that it’s every bit the premium experience. It’s sleek and accessible. This pen is filled with P&B Labs oil and will be rolling out various flavors and strains for the seasons.

Disposable Vaporization Pens come in both flavored and strain-specific varieties. The flavored vape pen is super discreet, while the strain-specific offers a more traditional experience maintaining the terpene composition of the original flower. We currently have Strawberry Mint flavored and Girl Scout Cookies varieties available at partnering dispensaries in California, retailing for $30 per disposable pen.

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